Reading in school should be an enjoyable experience which allows children to develop both their imagination and their vocabulary.

At Oaklands Infant school we will enable children to;

  • develop positive attitudes towards reading so that it is a pleasurable and a meaningful activity.
  • use reading skills as an integral part of learning throughout the curriculum.
  • read and respond to a variety of texts whilst gaining increased level of fluency, accuracy, independence and understanding.
  • Develop different strategies for approaching reading and be able to use the full range of strategies.

Pupils have access to a wide range of reading opportunities that include:

  • guided reading
  • shared reading
  • regular independent reading
  • home/school reading
  • hearing books read aloud on a regular basis
  • selecting own choice of texts from the library
  • reading in other subjects including IT texts
  • reading to support their own learning

We use Letters and Sounds Phonic Scheme alongside Jolly Phonics.

PM Benchmarking is used to assess pupils reading.

Throughout the children’s time at Oaklands Infant School we encourage a love of reading through a range of extra special activities that include:

  • Author visits
  • Book Flash pupil presentations
  • Paired reading with Oaklands Junior School
  • Pupils reading to residence of a local care home
  • Regular visits to the school library
  • Book week activities
  • Outside reading

Click on the attachments below to help your child read at home

Click on the attachments below for book recommendations for each year group

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