Starting over the half term break we’ve had some major building works going on at the front of the school (which you’ll have no doubt already seen). This work is to build a brand new entrance to the school, to not only better serve parents, visitors and staff but to support our continuous work to make the school a safer place for our children.

But like many things in life – it’s got to get worse before it can get better!

The first job was to get rid of the old path to make way for the new building. That of course meant we needed some big machinery.

When the new entrance was being designed we wanted to make sure that the existing hallway would still receive plenty of light. To make this possible we decided to clad the new entrance in glass which will bath the existing hallway in light.

To make this possible the main structure of the new entrance is built out of steel. So, with the existing path out the way, this could now be anchored to the ground and bolted together.

Lots more has happened since we took these photos and so we’ll be following up soon with another update. We can’t wait to welcome you all in and to start making the most of our new space.

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