Handwriting is taught and practiced regularly following the PenPals handwriting scheme. Children are rigorously taught correct letter formation from the very beginning of their time in school. Children are taught to sit properly in order to have the correct posture for writing, hold a pencil in the correct tripod grip and develop a legible and partly joined handwriting style by the end of Year 2. A mixture of whole class, small groups and individual teaching is planned for and delivered 3-4 times a week. Interventions take place across the school including letter formation and fine and gross motor sessions where necessary.

There are specialist resources to support children that have a special educational need around handwriting including: writing slopes, special pencils and intervention sessions if required (Occupational Therapy: Children, Young People & Families Department Intervention Programme). Pupils can be rewarded with a ‘Laurie’ achievement for showing pride in their presentation

Below are the handwriting posters we use in the school to support children with their letter formation