Phonics at Oaklands Infant School

At Oaklands Infant school we follow the Sounds Write Phonics Programme from Reception to Year 2. This programme teaches the alphabet code through the Initial and Extended Code, as well as learning to read and spell polysyllabic words. The Initial Code is taught from the beginning of Reception. The children will continuously build on the code to support them with both their reading and writing.

All Early Years and Key Stage 1 staff consistently follow the structured and cumulative programme. It is multi-sensory approach with scripted lessons. All pupils have the opportunities to regularly rehearse and practise their previous learning, to embed their skills. The aim of the programme is for our pupils to read and write with increased speed and accuracy.

Every EYFS and KS1 class will have a timetabled 30 minute session five times a week; all sessions will involve both reading and writing.

Useful Links

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