At Oaklands Infant School, oak tree is the most   important tree, so Goldie knows he is the most important leaf.

He is really proud that he is given to the children when they show respect for someone or something in our school.


Holly was on her own feeling lonely. She decided to ‘have a go’ at making friends.
Before she knew it she was surrounded by lots of other holly leaves and berries.
Now she’ll always have a go.


Solo lived on the sycamore tree with all his friends. The other seeds only wanted to fly to the bottom of the tree. Solo knew he wanted to go further, so he flew as far away from the tree as he could and started to grow on his own.

Solo often says….. Use your own ideas to be creative.
Encourage others.
Be independent.
Be brave and try it on your own.
Be your own person.


Ivy was fed up with being at the bottom of the tree. She wanted to see more. She worked hard to grow over the obstacles in her way. When she reached the top she could see the whole wood.

Ivy often says….
challenge yourself!
keep trying! Stretch and reach for your goals!
how are you going to challenge yourself today?
keep trying, can you do even better?
keep trying; reach the next branch like me.


In the first Olympics in Greece, the winner needed to have a crown to wear. They couldn’t use gold or silver so they chose laurel. Laurie was very proud to be used to make the first wreath that was worn on the heads of the winners.

Laurie often says….
Be proud of yourself and be proud of others.
You’re the best!
I’m so proud of my achievements.
Be proud of who you are.
Are you proud of your work today?
What have you done to be proud of yourself today?


Casey was a tiny conker on the horse chestnut tree. He was worried about the day when he had to fall to the ground. The horse chestnut tree made him a special case which protected and cared for him. On the day he fell it kept him safe.

Casey often says….
Listen and laugh together.
Are you okay?
Look after each other.
Protect each other.
Come and play with us!